Thursday, May 9, 2013

Outing to Ennistymon.

I love Ennistymon. "Home of the cascades & traditional shop fronts." We come here when we need any manner of things. Groceries, toiletries, an post, packing supplies, a shopping fix, and crepes. 

Today we needed a sweet tooth fix to help us brave the banshee winds. We went to oh la la crepery & felt 1,000 better after the first sip of our chai & hot chocolate. Groceries & then a hunt to find ammonia. Ammonia has been hard to find and when ever people ask me why I want to use I feel bad for what I'm about to say. Mainly because I know I within seconds their eyes will glaze over and they'll have no idea what I'm saying. What? You want to do what with lichen? I'm sure this is what they're thinking. Some just skip over it all and think its something got do with my hair as soon as I say the word "dye". Why do they need  I ask every time anyway? It's ok, I love to chat with anyone. I finally find it in the hardware store. We love this store. Chalk a block full of everything basic house hold and garden item you could need. And want. The walls are piled to the ceiling with tea cups, bird seed, flower seeds, vegetable seeds, veggies steamers, muffin tins, brooms, cat food, cleaning supplies, door knobs, tools... You get the picture. But this was my favorite. I'm sure I've seen this before in our garden centers back home. But here it made an impression on me and I smiled. 
Just look at these little boxed of new fresh growth popping up tucked away in corner. I imagine there are making the bland teacups on the shell next door quite happy.
I'm not sure what happened here. My phone just jumped into my hand and made me take a picture! Jubal picked put a muffin tin and I finally found my ammonia. 

I walked down the street hoping to catch a glimps of Muffy & thought of asking everyone I saw where she might be but then I come to my scenses remembering no one would have a flipping idea who I was on about. 

This is Muffy. She roams the streets of Ennistymon and is probably the friendliest dog I have met her yet. Btw the way, Muffy is the name I gave her. She just looks like a Muffy, doesn't she?! Most dogs just keep walking by you like they didn't see or here you. I won't even mention the sheep dogs that lunge at our car as we pass by scaring the SH!T out of us because I think we've run it over. E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E. but that's a story for another time. Muffy will happily approach us, wag her tag and then roll over expecting a belly rub. Meanwhile my heart is in a puddle next to her on the side walk. Then I had a thought the other day...... What if Muffy had no person? What if she had no real home to go to? What if it was super easy for us to bring a dog home to the States? Then can we keep her? Huh? Huh??!! Jubal just smiles. (Tried to find the picture where I cropped out my finger. Oh well)

No Muffy sighting today. But yesterday I swore I saw her pass by in a truck riding on the dashboard. 

Now, at 5:20 with a little less than 5 hours of day light left, we're headed out into the bogs in searcn of some magical lichen and bog water. Bog water?! What?! Yes, bog water. read somewhere recently that it has been used to get dark colors. Like black. the wind is still carrying on but the sun is out and the outside is screaming (literaly) for us to join in. I'll post my findings soon. The hunt for lichen is on. 

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