Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Testing and warp for new weaving project.

So far it's working!!! Very exciting to think I can post a blog from my iPhone- a major selling point for this device. Today I spent time winding a warp for a new weaving project with very delicate and some what old single ply yarn. It is going to be a delicate process as we will need to be so careful when beaming on. So let's publish this little bit and see if it worked....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Transfer of names

I have finally decided and settled on keeping the name 44 Clovers. For good. I used to use Shamrock Sheep which I must say has grown on me over the years but it does not belong to me. Not truly. It was not my original thought or idea- I don't think, but someone else's who was helping me think of names way back when. Waaaaaaaaayyyyy back when I did craft shows- well, the once a year craft show. I haven't done a craft show in 2 years and I have to say, though I miss the money- I don't miss doing IT. The stress of having enough for the weekend to sell, and all the other details that go along with it. The right tags, bags, sets, decorations. Will I have a good spot, will there be good traffic, bla bla bla. Enough. I am done doing the craft show thing. Because really, I always want to do WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more than I have time for. That is why I admire people who do this for a living. It is amazing to me the amount of stress they can handle through out the year.

So for now I will stick to Which I am very happy about. My shop name is 44clovers (all 1 word) and I will soon be listing more of my art work, watercolors, oils and possibly sketches, and handmade small books. In the past when I had a shop there at Shamrock Sheep, I made maybe 5 sales. Which consisted of a hat, mitten, scarf set in sherbet colors, a delphinium blue seed stitch scarf made from yarn I got on the Dingle Peninsula, mohair booties, a scrapy bear and a commissioned set of 5 mohair knitted jackets for a Walforf doll.

This whole endeavor is really an adventure for me in so many ways. But mainly because I don't have my own computer at home where when I complete a project I can snap away pictures and then upload them to my shop or to ravelry. com or to here but rather I need to wait until I can hit the computers at the local library on the hill. Which honestly I haven't tried to do any of that stuff with yet- uploading at the library and such. But will be attempting soon and I'll see how it goes. I am learning great patience along with what a close friend of mine holds dear is "slow communication".


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some many ideas so little time!

I bought a blue oversized mohair turtle neck sweater at the salvation army for $2. I plan on unraveling it, washing the yarn, and then knitting it into something else.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

After months of dealing with not owning a computer, I finally own one again. Then, after weeks of trying to figure out how to sign into this account, finally tonight, I figured it out. It's a good thing I save emails that have such important information because I really had to dig for it!

Happenings that I have been involved in.... lets see.... I have a new nephew though I had nothing to do with that of course but I am very proud and am enjoying the doting bit. I see him tomorrow. His name is Abel. He was born on the winter solstice, in a snow storm, at home, with his older, 2 year old sister watching every moment. He is just too precious and golden!

So let's see, I am in the thick of it with paints, oil pastels, still life set ups, smocks, paint brushes, trips to the museum, Space gallery, hanging shows, children, water, race cars covered in paint, stitching, clay, music, taxidermic animals, Lewis and Clark journals, fiber and felting.... whoa! Since January, I have been back at the Breakwater School enjoying my internship with Kelly, the amazing art teacher and mentor I am so lucky to work with. It is never a dull moment and I have loved every bit of it. While there I have introduced and taught water books with the preschoolers, Lynne Drexler landscape painting with the kindergardeners, stitching embroidery with the 1st and 2nd graders, researching the "discovered" plants and animals of Lewis and Clark with the 3rd and 4th graders, and two felting projects with the 5th graders. I have learned a lot and it has been a blast.