Tuesday, February 17, 2009

After months of dealing with not owning a computer, I finally own one again. Then, after weeks of trying to figure out how to sign into this account, finally tonight, I figured it out. It's a good thing I save emails that have such important information because I really had to dig for it!

Happenings that I have been involved in.... lets see.... I have a new nephew though I had nothing to do with that of course but I am very proud and am enjoying the doting bit. I see him tomorrow. His name is Abel. He was born on the winter solstice, in a snow storm, at home, with his older, 2 year old sister watching every moment. He is just too precious and golden!

So let's see, I am in the thick of it with paints, oil pastels, still life set ups, smocks, paint brushes, trips to the museum, Space gallery, hanging shows, children, water, race cars covered in paint, stitching, clay, music, taxidermic animals, Lewis and Clark journals, fiber and felting.... whoa! Since January, I have been back at the Breakwater School enjoying my internship with Kelly, the amazing art teacher and mentor I am so lucky to work with. It is never a dull moment and I have loved every bit of it. While there I have introduced and taught water books with the preschoolers, Lynne Drexler landscape painting with the kindergardeners, stitching embroidery with the 1st and 2nd graders, researching the "discovered" plants and animals of Lewis and Clark with the 3rd and 4th graders, and two felting projects with the 5th graders. I have learned a lot and it has been a blast.