Thursday, March 21, 2013

Winter Happenings

It's been quite a while since my last post. My winter on Peaks, it's been a dynamic one. We've had some good old fashion snow storms.

Our sweet and vivacious spit fire of a kitty said good bye very close to her 19th birthday. I've had so many pets in my life and have said goodbye to all of them and it is always really hard. And no matter how much I tried to prepare myself for this day when I had to say goodbye to CJ, it still hit me so hard. Always seeming like a kitten even to the end. Almost 2 months later, I still dream about her most nights. 

One week later, we were scheduled to fly to San Francisco. We had some lovely and warm family time, discovered new places and made new memories. I always love going there and I look forward to it so much. It was a very welcomed change of pace and scenery.   

For the trip, I took along this project. I started it on the plane and finished a week after our return. The yarn is a hand-dyed merino, cashmere, silk blend from Toronto (our last trip from the fall to see family). It was a dream to knit up. I over heard someone say just the other day that "blocking is SO over rated!!" But I REALLY beg to differ. After I finished this piece, it was so small and short. I blocked the day lights out of it and, PRESTO! It became what it was meant to be. You can fin the pattern here: The Irish Sea Shawl 

I also, f i n a l l y finished the Hitch-hiker Shawl I loved knitting this. The yarn is a hand-dyed superwash merino from Germany Wollmeise. I LOVE this yarn. I started this project last August after teaching at the New England Fiber Arts Retreat in Washington, Maine. I made a lovely friend there who was knitting this shawl in green (i believe) and I was so taken with the neat & simple & clean rows of garter stitch and the teeth running along the edge I thought I'd give it a try. It's such an easy pattern and just enough of something different thrown in there to make it slightly different and edgy. Plus, it makes a great accessory for anytime of year. 

 I also f i n a l l y finished this project I started the day, or at least it started in my mind the day I sort of inherited this loom. These silk hankies I dyed in my friend, Bristol taught a fun class in dyeing silk hankies with acid dyes, also at the New England Fiber Arts Retreat 2 summers ago. I held onto these for quite some time and finally decided to do something a little different with them. Tearing them apart was more work then threading the loom. But the end result was stunning. I ended up with about 2-3 yards of fabric and have been thinking of snipping it up all and sewing little coin purses. But, I haven't been able to bring myself to cut the fabric yet. I think I'll let it hang around for a little longer before I decide. But, oh, how I LOOOOOOVE working with silk hankies....

Time has been getting on and the time has been drawing near for April 6th. We finally settled, quite joyously on a baker of our cake. After this ENORMOUS cake tasting, we agreed upon a very decadent choice that has all the following, chocolate, raspberry preserves, cream cheese, and ganache. I feel a sugar buzz just thinking about it.  The European Bakery is very affordable and lovely to work with. We are so so happy with this choice. 

Now that all the final, major decisions have been made and everything is set into place, I've been both inspired and realized I had time and mental space to create a few hand made things for us for the special day. 

I had created a small nuno felted sample for something else and as I was looking around my studio for materials, I was thrilled and so inspired to use this little piece of fabric I had all ready created. I stitched our names & date onto a vintage linen napkin in light pink. The shamrock lace ribbon I had purchased from etsy several months ago telling myself at the time I NEEDED it. The crocheted doily on the back of the pillow is from a large pile my grandmother gave me that someone she knew made a long time ago. There is a light green fabric under the doily that my mother gave me a few weeks ago. And the buttons I purchased in this lovely sewing store in Piedmont during our trip to California. 

I have one last project in store that I may or may not get done to include for the wedding. If I happen to finished it in time, there will be pictures. 

16 days left.... oxoxo