Thursday, May 2, 2013


I'm not sure how this little gem escaped the publishing route but better late than never!

Last week Jubal and I drove north towards Galway and then around to the west into Connemara. It was gorgeous and delightful! We found a craft village and met a weaver where we bought little present for a dear loved one. I have been able to stop thinking about this weavers studio and shop. Her warps and wefts where of the same yarns. Soft, full of color and about an Aran weight and smaller. She had o think 3 looms set up and just then and there, my weaving beg set in. I've been mulling over on and off what to do with all this fantastic yarn I've collected over the years. I'm wanted to move on and only knit (for the most part) from my own hand spun and dyed yarns. But I rarely do because I'm trying to de-stash!! But what kind of business example is that?! So I've decided I'm going to start weaving with what I've got and only what I've got. Creating various unique tartans. Cloth, runners, shawls. On our travels so far, I've obtained much inspiration. I look forward to using my tiny metal table loom once again.

We drove onto Cliften which did not disappoint. Wonderful little village. Colorful, and dense with lovely shops, bakeries, and restaurants. That night we ate at an Indian place. It was SO GOOD.

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