Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday with Rose Hips Part II

Finally I can get a picture up of the rose hip result. I was pretty happy with the result but I was hoping it could have been a bit more saturated. Still trying to figure out how to get it just slightly more saturated. Maybe a brightener light cream of tartar. 

I know I would like to do this again but may not try again until next fall when the rose hips are fresher. 

Also since the first Sunday a few weeks ago when I first did this, I've been trying out a new sock pattern by from the book, Knitting From the Center Out by Daniel Yuhas. I'm really enjoying making these and learning this concept. It's stretching my brain muscles!!

This part here is the heel and I'm now an 1" away from moving onto the next step with the side stitches. The yarn I'm using is a merino/cashmere/ nylon sock yarn I bought online. The color originally came out to be a super ugly bright sherbet orange. A few weeks ago I got pretty sick of looking at it and decided to throw it into a dye pot with out unwinding it. It was really fun:)

The result was so exciting I knew I needed to use it for something special. Even if the yarn is knitted on size 1 needles.

My project for last week involved knitting myself little swatches of all my plant dyed hand spun so I could create a reference book to share at workshops I'll teach at in the future. It was a lot of fun doing this and brought me more in touch with my work.

Today, I finally got the mental energy to do some small experiments with over laying color and sip dyeing. It was especially gratifying to see the color run clear afterwards. It was so much fun and easy. I decided that next up would be indigo dyeing with yellows to create green overlays. Stay tuned!

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