Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Year & New Adventures

This holiday season I made my sisters and mother a felted soap. Making them was so fun. And easy and fast!! I bought the materials at The Portland Fiber Gallery where I work part time. Each soap was unique. I tried to match the colors to my sisters and mom's personalities. This one here is my mom's, in progress.

On New Year's day, I celebrated by making a list of fiber related things I wanted to accomplish. Such as applying to some really popular craft fairs, teaching fiber classes at new venues. Create new things for my etsy shop. It felt wonderful and cleansing to put things in writing.

Putting our wishes and hopes into writing is powerful stuff. Eight days later I received an extremely exciting teaching invitation. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

And now, on this Saturday, my head is completely full of all the endless details of a handfull of super exciting things. After 2 days of feeling run down a bit, getting extra sleep, I dedicated this day and this weekend really to list making. Taking everything out of my head and writing it down will make room for more life.

As I make lists for the last bits of wedding planning, lists for the retreats I'll be teaching at this year, lists for the two trips coming up this winter and spring, and lists for work details, and lists for meals to cook, and lists of friends and family I want to make plans with...... I'm trying for one thing. Not to over do it. Or burn the candle at both ends, as my mother loves to say that I do. This is why making lists, sharing calendars, planning ahead and scaling back where we can is really helpful.

Here are a few new things in my etsy shop if you haven't seen them yet. Ferry Rider MittensMadder root dyed yarn and one of my favorites, White over lapping leaves hat.

A Happy New Year to new and fresh adventures!

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