Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Sunday with Rose-hips.

I woke up this morning and knew it was time. It was time to finally get out there and forage for rose-hips. After a few days of not feeling quite like myself and worrying I was coming down with the scary flu that's been going around, I knew I was feeling fine, more than fine even when I was at the kitchen counter whipping up blue-berry muffins, bacon and cheese omelets  It's Sunday, a day for taking extra time and enjoying it. And I was really enjoying this. Feeling the energy that would carry me though the day. Last night I stepped out to go fetch a treat at the store for after dinner. I didn't really want to go outside but I was so glad I did. I was folded up into a soft velvety dark fog, damp with the smell of the sea. It was beautiful and balmy. It felt like a perfume. This morning was no different, with a fog warning on my weather app, I knew it would be a beautiful walk. And it was.

I had a great helper and we filled my basket full of rose hips. 

After snipping all the stems off, I had 2.25 lbs to dye with. I then debated if I should use it all on one skein of wool or the three I have spun up. Even though I've never dyed with rose-hips before, I decided to go for all three skeins. Worst case senario, it's super pale and I dye over the yarn. Oh well!! 

This is the stuff I spend time dreaming about and it keep me awake at night. Will I have enough wool and where can I find my next foraging treasure? I did do a quick research regarding the harvesting of rose-hips to make sure I wasn't destroying future blooms. And gladly I found it helps future growth to prune the hips. Also, they smell amazing. Of fresh rosy sour apples. I'm really looking forward to finding out if this aroma transfers into the wool and if it will stay. A pair of sock I made over 4 years ago that included stripes dyed with lichen has had many washes and STILL smells like the woods. LOVE that smell!!

Well the pot is on the stove boiling away and I suppose I should go check it out. Depending on how fast the color comes out, I will be dyeing with it either later today or in the morning. 

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