Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Years at Medomak!

5 years ago I was asked to teach at the New England Fiber Arts Retreat
Joining a few other amazingly talented instructors, whom I LOVE to bits, 
I stepped into this soft embrace that is Medomak.

Here's a wee sampling of the classes I taught this year. 

 Day 1: Foraging For Color

Everytime I teach this class, I am blessed with learning new things. 
Above is Allison from Western Mass who came for her 2nd year. 
From left to right, 
choke cherry, jewel weed, fern, pine needles, moss.
This year, we tried what ever we felt like and had a blast experimenting!

Day 2: Rainbows in our Dye Pots

Despite the fact that I forgot my soda ash,
everything worked out and dyed beautifully!
As I was setting up that morning. 
I gave myself the biggest fright when I realized my soda ash never made it off my studio table at home and into my basket. The kitchen very kindly cooked up baking soda for us so that we'd have, in the end, soda ash/ washing soda. The class was saved!


Day 3: Shibori and Bundling

Here in this class we just dove into binding and resist making with stones, rubber bands, threads, folding, and plants. Unfolding everything after it had steeped and cured for over 24 hours, was a whole camp event. It was like fire works as we unfolded each piece. Such a fun and free spirited activity. Even for just the on-lookers. Can't wait to do this again. 


Day 4: Botanical Embroidery

It was a wonderful way to start to wind down the week.
To sit in a quiet group. 
In a quiet space.
And stitch.

That same day we also traveled to Cushing to visit 

These last 3 photos are from previous years as I forgot to take a few more inside this year. 
Silly me. 

Katharine is a wonderful host and always teaches us 2-3 knitting techniques. 
This year, amazingly, she taught us double brioche. I say amazingly beacuse it was also what Bristol Ivy was teaching in one of her knitting classes. We also learned Grecian Lace. 

Visiting Katharine is always such a treasure in the already beautiful week of fiber. 


Day 5: Drop Spindle

I always love teaching how to use the drop spindle. 
It's what I used when I taught myself, now 14 years ago.

Give me 1, give me many, I will teach you how to use a drop spindle. The Russian/ Turkish spindle being my perferred choice just because I love how it stores the yarn. If your looking for this style, Casey over at Portfiber carries them. And they are made by Peace Fleece.

When I wasn't teaching, I enjoyed the lake as much as possible
and got some foraging in.

I am afraid this post is a bit one sided though
as there were many other amazing classes going on-
all kind of weaving, 
and spinning.

On the last night, we brought all our projects together. Both finished and in process. And Shared.
I'm always so proud and over joyed to be part of this week with all these amazing and talented people. 
Every year I leave knowing I've made a couple dozen new friends. 

Re-entering the real world was not hard.
But not being surrounded by 30+ fiber crafters, clicking of needles, giggles, and wine was sorely missed. 

However, it had been about 2 weeks since I spent any time with my husband as he was away the week before I left. 

We all clearly missed each other. 
That's Lemon Drop (she was a soft yellow as a chick) on Jubal's shoulder
Tulip and Olive staying close by. 

In the few days that followed, I checked on my fermenting jars
that held tiger lilies, mint and then a yellow bell pepper I added to the group. 

Finished up my pygora fiber on the drop spindle

and then orgainzed the painting studio.

Till next year Fiber Lovies!!

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CathyR said...

Hi Rachel - thanks so much for your blog on Medomak. So sad I missed it this year.... Your photos are great and I'm hoping for some repeat classes next year!

Cathy Regnier