Monday, April 15, 2013

Week Two

We are really settling into our new routines of sleeping in late, cooking a big breakfast, setting off for the day somewhere local, coming home and cooking dinner & building a fire. We've been delighted to find the local music happening every night in at least 3 pubs. But as we get home each afternoon, & cook together, have a fire going, we don't feel like leaving. We pour more wine, discuss our trips we'll take around the country, friends we'll visit and enjoy the local paper or a book we brought along.

As of this past Saturday, it was officially one week that jubal and I tied the knot. Still looking at each other and saying, "I can't believe my luck that I found you" to each other. Although for months we have been planning this trip here in Ireland, it really hit me this past week what actually being here means to us. It's not just a time of taking time off work and traveling in an ideally cool place. But really getting away from everything familiar and routine and focusing on being together. We realized today just how much time we've spent together this last week. Doing everything together, nearly. We're very good at it but it takes work sometimes which is a good thing. Every few days we get our internet fixes by going to McGann's Pub here in Doolin where they have free wifi. It's very dark inside but they always have a roaring fire going and the people behind the bar are so friendly. Our first visit there I left my favorite green water bottle there by mistake. The next day I went back for it and the women remembered it was mine and she had washed it for me the night before.

Something I'm really enjoying and becoming better at is talking to people and asking questions like do they live in the area, have they always lived there, where can you rent a video, and other random things. I'm finding that you ask one question of someone and all of a sudden, you know so much more about them. Reminds me of a certain lady I know back home by the name of Mom <3. The thing about being in such a beautiful, historic setting is I want everyone I know and love to be here too. I've been picturing planning large family trips back here with both our families. Last time I was here in 2007, it was on a 10 day solo trip that I planned a bit last minute. I drove the entire bottom half of the country and barely talked to anyone. It was ok though. That trip was just all about clearing my head and being in a place I missed and loved. But I felt such an ache to have my family with me then as I was here alone. Traveling alone though can be invigorating and challenging. I got my fill of it and am so happy to be here with such an amazing partner who is just as happy to be here as I am. And he's got more Irish in him than me! So far I only have a wee smidge but it's such an important smidge! Oh, and that smidge would come from my mother's, mother's father's side. Otherwise known as Scanlon from County Clare. I'd really like to find out more of this name. I've been reading that I may not be able to find much more out about the family as some of the best dates to look for are around 1900 and I'm looking for 1790.... I'm going to give it my all though. I'm also pretty determined to find out more about my Bingham name. Which now I can call my maiden name. I've always been extremely proud of our Bingham name. However, back in 1999 while I was going to art school here just down the road a piece at the Burrern College of Art, another post for another time, I discovered a book called the Mayo Bingham's. I researched the meaning of this book a little bit and even purchased it (I'm so ashamed to say I've owned it for 14 years now and still have not gotten around to reading it!) But! It's main focus is about a man named Sir Richard Bingham from England whom the Queen hired to send over to Ireland to wipe out villages.... There is a village on the Belmullet Peninsula in Co. Mayo called Binghamstown. And in December of 1999, I took a bus up from Ballyvaughan to this little 2 mile of a town just to see what it was all about. The lady whose B&B I was staying at suggested I knock on the door of the oldest Bingham in town. Telling me that if no one answered, to walk in and yell.... She dropped me at the door, and I could not bring myself to do it. Instead I walked the length of the town and combed the beach for shells thinking to myself, what the hell am I doing here and there is no way I can tell anyone my name. I was also 21 at the time and kind of timid. These days I like to think I have a little more confidence. Jubal and I are planning a trip up to Mayo soon and I'm going to be more diligent about inquiring after this name and see what happens.

I'm not sure what this next week will hold for us but a side trip either north or south is in the works. This afternoon I got in touch with my dear Irish friend who is also newly married and living in Dublin. We will be meeting up with her and her husband and I cannot wait to see her! It's been 6 or 7 years since I saw her last. Also other meet ups with friends are in the works that I haven't seen for 14 years. Really looking forward to that as well.

It's going on 11pm and I'm not nearly tired enough. The sun has been setting here around 8:45pm. We sleep till 9-11 and drink about 3 cups of tea a day. It's wonderful. But it must be all the fresh air, sights, and talking to strangers that gets me to sleep at night because this mattress is very much the opposite of our mattress at home. Something that puts an extra cozy layer on for us at night (in addition to the two duvet covers & each other) is watching the reflection of the fire on the walls as I fall asleep.

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Looks and sounds AMAZING, Rachel! I'm both jealous of and thrilled for you guys to be experiencing all of that beauty, learning, and just being together. Much love and safe travels....