Thursday, April 11, 2013

Week One.

We're here! I can't believe it!! Jubal and I left the day after our wedding ceremony in Portland. We said goodbye to our families and friends for three months to come here to Ireland to... Relax, explore and drink cream and Guinness. At some point during the weekend, I was asked by my oldest nephew, and ring bearer, Addison, "so.. Why three moths? I mean... Why not like two weeks or something, but three months?! Geeeez." My answer, "Why not!"

After landing at the Shannon airport on Monday morning at a startling 5:35am(!), we retrieved our car and attempted to make our way through Ennis and then to Doolin. I was completely COMPLETELY wrecked, tired, useless, could not keep my eyes open. I have no idea how Jubal managed drive and find our place. Oh and we stopped at a few food stores to collect staples and peat to burn.

After driving past the road three times, we managed to find our place and settled in. I think we've nearly caught up on our sleeps that we were falling behind on the last week.

We've know been here three full days and have managed to visit Galway, the Burren, cook a few meals, hear music, go for drives and visit my old stomping grounds. Many more to share with Jubal. More and more I can feel that Doolin was absolutely the best place to park ourselves.

Our cottage is located on an out of the way hill in the middle of nowhere in Doolin. Expansive peat bog in front of us with a walking trail and donkeys, horses and cows and sheep near by.

We've really been enjoying going over last weekends events, making our plans for the next three months here in Ireland and not working:)

Here's some of favorite pics so far...


LindaKnits said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely adventures. I'm looking for to more!

LindaKnits said...

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful adventures. I'm looking forward to more news. Three months, how lovely is that.