Monday, April 29, 2013

My kiss

Today I participated in National Plant A Kiss Day from Doolin, Ireland. While on a short trip to Connemara last week, we found a small beach outside of the town. We spent a while collecting various shells. Long skinny ones I've never seen and huge barnacles. I was pretty smitten with one shell in particular. It was a tiny round one so worn that it was pale and starting to show that glorious shiny under layer. I took some time last night to do a watercolor study of it. I've just now left it in the bathroom stall at McGann's Pub here in Doolin for someone else to enjoy. Maybe they'll leave it there. Maybe they'll take it home. Either way, I hope it brings some enjoyment to someone's day. The note at the bottom reads, "if you shall find this painting, please take it home. It's for you. oxox"


Bonita Rose said...

I live by the beach.. this is such a great idea! xo

Anonymous said...

So lovely - the painting AND the idea of it finding its way home with some unknown someone. Wish it was me!!

sherry Belul said...

I love that you created a painting and left it for someone to find! Right now I am imagining that shell art in someone's home, proudly displayed. And how they will tell and re-tell the story so many times about how they found it and what a beautiful gift from a stranger it was! Absolutely marvelous!!!! :-)