Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Morning walk.

This morning I decided to buck up and take a walk. I check the temp, bundled up, got my favorite station ready on pandora (Jaymay), and my camera. It was wonderful to be out and move through the air!

I'm committing myself to doing this everday. Now I have to because I just put it out there. I walked down Eastern Prom, around the gazebo, down the hill, not having any destination in mind- just that I knew I wanted to walk for at least 30 minutes. As my face started to burn with the bitter cold as I walked further down the hill, I reached the bottom, turned the corner and... warmth.... or my face becoming numb. Either way, it felt great. Walking into the sun between the tracks and the water. My pace picked up and I was off. While listening to Jaymay, the Weepies, Ingrid Michaelsen. Thoughts started to filter in and out of my mind for what my day would be and further plans for my life. I reached the trail path that leads back up to my apartment. Several stone stairs. I ran up all of them, hurting slightly in my thighs and not breathing as heavily as I thought I would or at least as much as I would have if I walked up the stairs. I stood for a moment at the iron gate breathing and stretching my hips. I looked down the steps where I had just run up and was surprised what I had just done. Realizing also that when life looked a bit bleak, I just had to grab it and tackle it.

It's amazing what happens when we linger a little too long at a cross roads. If we linger too long in the negitive space of our own hearts and minds, it will manifest into a hardship. If we look at it from the other end of failing is not an option for me, it becomes success.

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