Saturday, May 24, 2014

Other Things

I haven't been around here much. 
Been taking a break from my dye pots and project planning
so I could do this

everything - almost had wood paneling. 

Just finishing up the kitchen this weekend. 
And I cannot wait to be done with this paint. 
My right hand has been cramping and I'm not ready to enter a world where I have problems knitting. 
Not allowed yet. 

Also, any day now I'm going to move into my painting studio
that has been 2 years in the making. 

But currently we have baby chicks occupying part of the studio where it makes the whole building glow red at night. 
So spooky. 

I look around and see how much we have accomplished and it feels amazing. 

I'm starting to gear up for my upcoming workshops at the Fiber Frolic. If you interested check the privious post. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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