Saturday, October 12, 2013

A foraging update

I've been itching with the mushroom foraging bug since the summer when I discovered my first lobster mushrooms. I still go to bed at night with images of mushrooms popping out of the ground. 

Today I had a lunch date with a new friend I made while teaching at september's squam. I packed in extra time between my boat & our meeting for some exploring of a local woods. 

I collected a total of four kinds of mushrooms.

Two of which I haven't seen in person before. 

This white fungus I found kind of flat growing under the leaves at the base of a hemlock (possibly). I really need to brush up on my tree indentification. 

I then found this gorgeous site growing out of a birch tree. Honey mushroom perhaps? 

Early tomorrow they will all be headed for the dehydrator & then stored for later dyeing experiments. 

What mushrooms have you tried for dyeing this year? 

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