Saturday, January 24, 2015

Quiet times

I've neglected this space greatly. 

I have however been continuing my dyeing and creating 
but it in more contimplative drips and drabs. 

So here's just a little note to say I'll be back soon with some 
fresh dye experiments I conducted a few weeks ago.
All of which are purple actually. 

Also, by April, I will have a fresh line of plant dyed fluffy delicate goodies for the neck. 

As I geared up for the Holiday sale season I tuckered myself out pretty easily. As I'm now growing a human (!!!) I decided to take Janurary and Feburary off from major crank out mode. 
Though I should say I've been spinning at a good relaxed clip and have great plans to get through all 7 fleeces (and that will be washed, carded, spun, and dyed). Normally I work at one fleece at a time and then put it out in my shop. However, I excited myself at the prospect of dyeing everything at once over the course of a few weeks as soon as the weather gets warm. When will that be? April I hope. 

This way, I can hopefully have all my major dyeing for the winter 2015 season done before the baby comes in July. We'll see. 

So, like I said, soon I'll have a few posts up of purple plant dyes!!

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