Saturday, October 25, 2014

More Lichen Hunting

This shop has been filling up with these sweet project bags. 
And then I say good bye to them just as fast. 
So happy to see them go to good homes and into the hands 
of happy owners. 

I've been thinking for a while of this idea involving lichens and Peaks Island.
Peaks Island is about 3 miles around and all walkable.
I'm going to attempt to do a lichen collection and survey of the lichens on Peaks over the next few years. Or however long it might take. 

tiny mushrooms found on maples down front. 

It's amazing what you see when you look closer!

I'm pretty certain, by sight that this lichen is Xanthoria parietina. I adore Xanthoria lichens.
I found even more of these tiny mushroom colonies on more maples, but only in the cevices. This time in town near 50 Commerical Street.

Licen with jam tarts.

I have little piles of lichens floating around the house with little notes here and there so that I can identify each one. 

This great book arrived in the mail yesterday and
Soon I'll have a microscope to work with and from there I'll create my own 
Peaks Island lichen herbarium.

I've also been thinking about how this work might be useful for some environmental cause.
The Island Istitute perhaps? 
If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them:)

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Anonymous said...

I love that you're compiling a Lichen Herbarium! That's so awesome, and sounds like so much fun.
I did a herbarium of all of the native herbaceous plants on a little island near me, and enjoyed it so much. I find lichen a lot harder to identify, though, and I have a microscope.
I love the pics of Xanthoria parietina, and the little one with 'jam tarts'. Beautiful.