Monday, November 4, 2013

A quiet week with knitting, lace, and bulbs.

This past week was sprinkled with finishing up knitting projects in front of the first stove fires of the season. Meeting with beloved friends to plan out one of my favorite weeks of the year, the New England Fiber Arts Retreat. Spending time doing some extra cleaning and slight rearranging in order to let a little more light though. I could use all I can get as the days grow shorter. I'm continually fascinated by the patterns of light and shadow lace creates. I heart lace. 

I love plants but I haven't been known to take the best of care of them. I've had a shamrock that can't die so those are good. You can give them a hair cut when the stems get too leggy and watch new shoots pop up again in no time. Though the one time I tried that technique on another plant, it never came back... poor baby tears from my sister's baby shower. Since replaced it with a small delicate fern. This showy number though is called a China Doll and when I saw it in the garden center in the arms of a happy customer, my eyes followed her out of the store and I turned to my husband and said, "I want that!" It's done quite well in our bedroom since we got it at the beginning of the year. And I did give it quite a haircut at the beginning of the summer. I think it really liked it because not only did it survive but new shoots started popping up with gleeful celebration. Every couple of days I turn it a few degrees so it can soak up as much light as possible. 

Last week I started this spiral hat. Still thinking of a proper name. I spun the yarn from a batt I created out of merino, silk, and sparkle. I think some alpaca too. I'm really enjoying this pattern. Just something I am trying form a stitch dictionary. It basically goes like this: in a set of 4: k3, p1 all the way around and then on the next row you k2, p1, k1. you continue in this manner and watch the purl stitch climb up diagonally.

Yes my toes are crazy and curly, but look! I finished the first sock. I've always knitted myself very cozy thick bed socks. If you could see my sock drawer, you'd think I never needed socks again. However, most of those socks are from Target and get a hole in them the day after I wear them. So enough- I'm not buying socks anymore. Yes it will take longer but from now on, I'm knitting my own and I know they will last longer. Another reason I'm enjoying knitting this kind of small needle project is because it helps me with a tension discipline. I do so much knitting with super think fluffy yarn, that to do something in contrast, just feels good. Next up sock color, purple.  
I did notice with this sock color that there was more dark yellow, almost orange towards the toe. And this picture doesn't quite do the pattern of the simple but elegant rib justice. You can find the pattern for these socks here.

Winter Leaves Scarf is complete. In the next day or so it will be blocked and listed in the etsy shop, 44 Clovers. I also have a matching hat here.

On Thursday before my weekly fiddle lesson, I took a detour in the hopes of finding wooden embroidery hoops for upcoming projects. I LOVE this thrift store. Lots of good finds inside. Always. 

Including this ever so elegant chair. I did not take it home but wanted to share a close up of the fine detail. It is lovely. And $75. Trust me, I have thought long and hard about where in our home it might live. And all though I love the wooded arms, I'm not sure how cozy it would be.... but geeze, I really do think it would go nicely in our home... because we need more chairs... right, honey?:) The texture... the color... of this fabric. You know, I bet these arms WOULD be good for knitting. Nice and sturdy... firm. I think I should go back and sit in it with my knitting to see. 

I also visited a tiny antique shop on Main Street in Yarmouth owned by Verna Scott and her husband. Sweet sweet couple. I chatted for a while with the husband about his trip to New Brunswick in search of hooked rugs. Speaking of rugs, they have a very sweet hooked rug of a man tapping maple trees. How I wanted to bring that home. $175. Beautiful and vintage. I did however bring this home. A bag of vintage lace. I was able to catch up with Verna as I hadn't seen her since before I met Jubal. She was delighted to hear I had found myself a nice boy and we got caught up. I aim to get myself back there and acquire more lace. Because.... you can never have too much lace. And this is especially true if it's vintage or antique. The projects I have brewing....That evening as I was waiting for the ferry I started sorting this lace and rolling each piece into it's own. I was greeted by a sweet fellow who I met a year ago, an elderly gentleman by the name of Bill who lives on Chebeague Island with his wife. We had a lovely chat and also got caught up. 

Towards the end of the week, I set out to start the great planting of the 125 bulbs. Or is it 150... I don't remember. As I watched the weather all week and waited for the warmest day, Saturday- what a day! I think I put a dent in the pile and planted maybe... 25. Not a bad start. But boy I better get a move on. I'm starting with all my favorites from childhood that my parents planted. The most important ones being grape hyacinths, the deep purple tulips and the daffodils. Digging in the dirt is rejuvenating and I enjoyed singing this as I remembered all those days working inside for someone else and aching to be outside digging in the dirt or anything that involved doing something with my hands. I felt so happy and free. Just thinking about our newly painted pink house with all the flowers popping up, these thought will keep me plenty warm through the winter just like in the book Frederick.

Pink house update. The dormers are going lighter. The scroll work will be pink with the cream insert. The siding is finished and I think the shingles are too. 

Elsa enjoying some afternoon sun. 

The sunsets around here are inspiring and just too irresistible for my camera. 

How I spent my morning. Down at Centennial Beach on the ground with my yarn. 

Even though it's cooling off, I'm enjoying as much sun as I possibly can. Before we know it, there will be snow. It won't keep me from being out of doors but just a little less often. This coming winter I'll be enjoying thinking of all our new flowers and plants, new checks in the spring, Medomak in the summer and more dips in the cove. I don't mind that winter is coming though. Just even more reason to sit in front of the fire with my knitting. 

What are you looking forward to this winter? 

ox, r


Unknown said...

Love this!

Kasey said...

I love, love your week, your words, your eye and your view of the world. Sometimes I think I'd like to just spend a week following you around--what fun you must have! Also LOVE that chair. If I could justify the $$, I know there are MANY lovely little corners in my new old house for it.

Looking forward to more blog posts and more updates!

Rachel said...

Thanks Ladies :) Kasey, that chair would be so perfect in your house!! Thanks for following me around <3