Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Transfer of names

I have finally decided and settled on keeping the name 44 Clovers. For good. I used to use Shamrock Sheep which I must say has grown on me over the years but it does not belong to me. Not truly. It was not my original thought or idea- I don't think, but someone else's who was helping me think of names way back when. Waaaaaaaaayyyyy back when I did craft shows- well, the once a year craft show. I haven't done a craft show in 2 years and I have to say, though I miss the money- I don't miss doing IT. The stress of having enough for the weekend to sell, and all the other details that go along with it. The right tags, bags, sets, decorations. Will I have a good spot, will there be good traffic, bla bla bla. Enough. I am done doing the craft show thing. Because really, I always want to do WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more than I have time for. That is why I admire people who do this for a living. It is amazing to me the amount of stress they can handle through out the year.

So for now I will stick to Which I am very happy about. My shop name is 44clovers (all 1 word) and I will soon be listing more of my art work, watercolors, oils and possibly sketches, and handmade small books. In the past when I had a shop there at Shamrock Sheep, I made maybe 5 sales. Which consisted of a hat, mitten, scarf set in sherbet colors, a delphinium blue seed stitch scarf made from yarn I got on the Dingle Peninsula, mohair booties, a scrapy bear and a commissioned set of 5 mohair knitted jackets for a Walforf doll.

This whole endeavor is really an adventure for me in so many ways. But mainly because I don't have my own computer at home where when I complete a project I can snap away pictures and then upload them to my shop or to ravelry. com or to here but rather I need to wait until I can hit the computers at the local library on the hill. Which honestly I haven't tried to do any of that stuff with yet- uploading at the library and such. But will be attempting soon and I'll see how it goes. I am learning great patience along with what a close friend of mine holds dear is "slow communication".


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