Monday, July 14, 2014

Peaks Island Plant Dye Workshop Series; Summer 2014

{It's a cutting it a little close} 
But- this Saturday marks the beginning of 
my plant dye workshop series here on Peaks Island!
Just 2 miles out in the Casco Bay from Portland, Maine. 
Ferries run about every hour and it's very easy to get to. 

Join me in my back yard with my chickens and dye pots 
for some dyeing adventures. 
My home and outdoor workshop is just a 5 minute walk from the ferry so no car is needed. 

In each workshop, materials will be provided,
you'll receive 5 hours of instruction
and enjoy a delicious organic home cooked meal from one of my favorite recipes
which we'll enjoy on my porch with a breezy view of the water.
And you'll come away with a ton of skills, knowledge, dyed samples, 
and a full belly.

For further questions or to reserve your spot for any of the workshops
send me an email at:
and I'll send you further info including directions and info about the ferry. 

First up:

:: Under the Rainbow :: 
Saturday July 19th
{ferry from portland-9:15am. ferry from peaks- 5pm}

Plant dying for the true blue beginner. We’ll learn the basics of preparing plant dye pigment powders with safe habits, experiment with color blending, and go over equipment and materials. You’ll come away with a ton of techniques and tricks to apply in your own dyeing. 
Materials and delicious home-cooked lunch included. 


:: Mermaid Threads :: 
Sunday August 10th, 
{ferry from portland-9:15am. ferry from peaks- 5pm}

Plant dyeing for fabric and garments. Bring 3-4 white/ light colored natural fiber garments or fabric bits. We’ll use a variety of plant dyes like indigo, madder root, onion skins, and a few others to add new life to your pieces! We’ll go over equipment, safe practices, where you can purchase dye materials, and how to care for your newly dyed pieces.
Dyes and a delicious home-cooked lunch included. 


:: Foraging for Color :: 
Sunday August 31st 
{ferry from portland-9:15am. ferry from peaks- 5pm}

Have you ever looked at a plant and wondered if a dye lived inside? I’ll get you jump started into the world of exploring your back yard and neighborhood for dyes. We’ll go over foraging within an ecological context, cook up test pots, go over handy equipment, and talk about safety habits. 
Materials and a delicious home-cooked lunch included.


:: Lichen Magic:: 
Sunday September 7th 
{ferry from portland-9:15am. ferry from peaks- 5pm}
 Lichens have been used for their dye properties for thousands of years. The colors that can come from lichens cover the rainbow spectrum! You’ll come away knowing at least 4 different types of dye lichens, a few good reference books to use, pigment testing methods, extraction methods, respectful collection methods, the 3 dye-prep methods, and even a little lichenology.
Materials and a delicious home-cooked lunch included.

Do email me if you have any questions about these workshops.
Hope to see you there!

ox, rachel

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