Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What's Up Doc? a carrot top dye tutorial

You know when you workin' away 
and with out really thinking about it,
just one thought pops into your mind
which can remind you of another, and then of a taste, a tv show, an age, 
and so on...?

The other day while working away chopping up these carrot green 
and my hands where full of 
damp featheriness from 
4 bunches of carrots (thats a lot of carrots!)
trying to keep it under control on my tiny cutting board which balanced on my tiny counter top,
this was my thought sequince;

carrot tops
bugs bunny
saturday morning cartoons
my dad's Navy friend stopping by with a box of dunkin donut munchkins.
soon the tv time limit is forgotten as the adults enjoy another cup of coffee in the kitchen chatting and laughing loudly.
my sister and I dig into the box way too happy about the treats instead of snipping at eachother 
we hit our spots on the huge sectional and watch more 

This also makes me think of that Cadbury Egg laying Bunny. 
Oh the days when we LIVED for such sugary treats. 

I used 124 grams of carrot greens
added a 6 gram skien of pre mordanted (ity bity) skein of 100% wool and a tiny strip of 100% silk fabric.

But first I pre soaked pre mordanted yarn and silk.
30 minutes later in went in one pot;
carrot tops
I heated the pot to a medium heat, so that the temp would climb slowly.

it took about 2 hours for any development of color to occur. 

I was expecting a brighter yellow because of what I got the first time I did this.

However, I was so pleasantly surprised. 

Look at that green!! 

I pulled out this little skein and the silk strip
and in went a large thick 100 grams of merino from Purl Soho.
And a vintage silk hankerchief. 
This time I added mordant to this second bath. About a teaspoon I think.

I should point out that in between the first and second bath I took the pot off the heat as I decided what to add next. As I was thinking the pot had time to cool down. 
Which can be really important when adding fibers to the bath because you want the fibers to be affected as little as possible so their delicate structures are not altered to a point that makes them not feel nice. 

Finally results. 

Love that green of the top tiny skein and the little silk wrapped around it. 
I can't quite decide if it's brassy or chartruese. 

The silk hankie will be avalible in my etsy shop soon in your interested:):):)
I thought it was be super fun to incorperate in a wedding. Groom's gift? Mom's gift? Whatever. Where ever. I have a whole collection going on right now of these natural dyed vintage silk hankies and I am in love with them. 

Have you tried dyeing with carrot tops? 
feel free to share your results ans thoughts in the comments.
Do you have any questions I didn't answer here? Let me know:) 
I love hearing from you. 

Happy Coloring!

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Pallas said...

I died a small hank of wool yarn with carrot tops a couple of years ago and got a very pretty yellow, but I like the green on your hank a whole lot more! Pretty hanky, too.