Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Peaks Island Fiber Arts Camp 2014

This New Year, for me has begun with thinking about cultivating innovative ways that reach further into the realm of both independent and collaborative creative endeavors to bring my love of fiber, plant dyes, and teaching into new territories.

Over here on Peaks Island, there is a really talented Textile Artist who also works with plant dyes and creates beautiful felted cloth. I've had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know Laura and we spend a lot of time talking about textiles and drinking tea. I'm really grateful for her friendship. She's also the co-fonder of the Peaks Island Fiber Arts Camp that she has been running with her friend, Susan Hanley, for a decade now, also a fellow islander and textile artist.

Several weeks ago, I asked Laura if they might need any help this year. As it turned out, Susan had just let her know she'd like to take a sabbatical for 1 year. So, for this year, I have the pleasure of stepping in for Susan. Laura and I got down to it and have worked really hard meeting about every week to create these 4 camp offerings for children ages 6-14.

Enrollment is now open.

 :: Early Summer Days :: 
whittling, creature making and mud oven granola baking

Spend the early days of summer relaxing with 
new friends and a project or two. We’ll whittle
a walking stick and knitting needles - visit
beaches and share stories. We’ll make a 
piece of fabric from which little animals & 
creatures will grow. And we’ll heat up the mud 
oven and bake delicious homemade granola. 
June 23-27, 8:30-2:30 ages 7-12, $285

:: Fabric Collage ::
Matisse, wool, silk, and collage 

Create a beautiful light and colorful collage. 
Using Matisse’s Cut outs as inspiration 
campers will create their own colors, shapes, 
and patterns with silk cloth. We’ll experiment 
with designs and lay-outs. When all the pieces 
of the collage are ready they will be held 
together, not by sewing, but by felting.
June 30-July 3, 8:30-2:30, ages 8-14, 4 day camp $235


:: Still Life and Lunch ::
drawing, painting, and baking

Fruit salad, bread, blueberry hand pies, pizza and more. 
We’ll spend the first part of each day drawing and painting 
the day’s ingredients. 
Then we’ll work together to prepare
the recipe of the day. 
Finally we’ll enjoy the good food we’ve made. 
On Friday we’ll sew together a book 
of our drawings and paintings 
and possibly include our recipes.
July 21-25, 8:30-2:30 ages 6-14, $285


:: Bugs, Tracks, and Crafts ::
explore, inspect, and stitch

Follow the paths of snails, bumbles, and hermit crabs 
while we explore the beach, garden, and forest 
for these tiny creatures. 
We’ll inspect their tracks, habitats, and nests. 
Then using various textile textures, techniques, and our imagination, 
we’ll create unique keepsakes 
capturing the nature of 
these tiny creatures.
August 18-22, 8:30-2:30 ages 6-12, $285

About Laura
“I’ve been making things my whole life - sculptures, clothes, prints, books, and mud ovens. I’m thinking of building a cob cottage someday, but until then I’m busy felting, dyeing and sewing. Each summer I’m glad to share these arts & skills I find so valuable”. 

About Rachel
“Working from my studio here on Peaks Island, I love using oils and watercolors to study botanicals, and foraging wild plants to dye my hand spun yarn. I keep myself busy knitting, sewing, weaving,
felting, blogging and teaching both on island and around New England for my small business, 
44 Clovers”

We're happy to answer any questions:
Rachel (that's me) at: 44clovers@gmail.com
or Laura at: lrglendening@gmail.com

To enroll your child(ren) contact either Laura or myself and we will email you a copy of the brochure where you can print out the registration form to mail in. 

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

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